Natural Smoked

Natural Smoked Cheese Lakeview MI

True artisan, original cheeses are made in small quantities, not mass-produced. Our artisan cheesemakers choose the freshest milk and finest ingredients in order to create unique cheeses full of character and flavor. Because many of our cheeses are made by hand, no two are identical. Our milk comes from pasture-fed cows across the region. Daily variations in the weather, soil and grazing conditions add to the delicious subtleties found in each vat. Our smoked cheeses feature a depth of smokey profile, perfect for any dish or charcuterie board. 

Primary Communities Served

Lakeview | Howard City |Big Rapids | White Cloud | Barryton | Rodney | Evart | Reed City | Ashton | Chase | Idlewild | Brohman | Hesperia | Fremont | Newaygo | Grant | Oxbow | Trufant | Maple Hill | Coral | Baldwin | Grant | Remus | Stanwood