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Tradition ~ Heritage ~ Community

For over 25 years, Farm Country Cheese House has created fresh, antibiotic-free, artisanal cheeses.  Our culture is supportive and kind, and we work together with the local Michigan farmers to bring the highest-quality and freshest cheese to you!  We use milk made by cows that are naturally raised and antibiotic free, with absolutely no artificial hormones introduced in their diet.  Farm Country Cheese House is proud to say we support Michigan Family Dairy Farms, and the dedicated employees that work at the cheese house.  People have come to know us for our large variety of specialty cheeses such as “Our trademark-Michigan Jack”, Dill, Hot Pepper, Horseradish, as well as our unique Cheese Curds. 


In 2018 Andrew and Nicki Arens purchased Farm Country Cheese House.  As a dairy nutritionist and dairy farmer, Andrew wanted to combine his years of industry knowledge with a lifelong passion for agriculture and actualized the dream of purchasing Farm Country Cheese House.  We pride ourselves on the quality, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding that cheese making truly is an art. This homemade tradition means that when we are making our cheese, they prepare and blend all the 100% Natural Ingredients, with the freshest milk from our dairy farm, located in Portland Michigan and other local Michigan farms. Skill and art are applied to each cheese during the traditional handcrafting process. Our process is remarkably domestic, and sadly, quite uncommon in today’s manufacturing world.  Each batch is made with no additives, hormones, or preservatives.  As a result, the quality of our product is second to none. We are passionate about keeping authentic cheddar-making alive combining time-honored techniques with modern innovation.  Farm Country Cheese House is an example of how farming and food manufacturing can be integrated to create products with artistry and quality within a sustainable agricultural framework!


Enjoy our Michigan Made Artisan Cheese,


Andrew and Nicki Arens


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