Cheese Curds

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All of the cheese at Farm Country Cheese House is a curd prior to pressing in block form. We make about 4,500 lbs of curds per day. Our cheese curds are the freshest possible, garnered when the whey is drained off during the cheese making process. Our delicious curds are enjoyed plain and fresh, or are delicious fried. Many people refer to curds as “squeaky cheese.” Kids love it!

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8 oz

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2 thoughts on “Cheese Curds

  1. Leslie Allan says:

    These are fantastic. It comes in Cheddar or Colby at the farm’s store. Colby is my preference. I got some once the day it was made. I would drive there for it, 2 hours away, it’s that good!

  2. Josh McDermott says:

    Getting harder to find but definitely the best. Bought all 3 bags they had at the corner store off 18 mile in Cedar springs. Go great with Two Hearted Ale

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